Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stupid Biatch.

Hello, people. I didn't tell you about my ex. I broke up with him because, he didn't understands me, plus, his fiancee provoked and threatened my life until I broke up with him. Ah, you might think that I am the bad guy, because snatching away her fiancee (my ex).

Well you know, I'd been cheated by my ex, he said he broke up with her fiancee a few months before. So, I dated him for four months, then we broke up. I didn't regret of breaking up with him. I felt good :)

Within this-fucking-four-assholic-months, I done sins, I waste a lot of stuff, I didn't pay attention much to God and I got a big-bear (birthday present). Also, almost every night, I received text messages from his fiancee. Told me this and that. Cursing me this and that. I did felt guilty all along. But, my ex told me to not reply her messages, not pick up her phone calls, and not meet her in anyway. Well, I did, all that. *Future husband, I will be a good wife, because I'll follow everything my husband said:) *

Regarding today's topic, since I broke up with this mat, I never received any messages from this bitch. But, I did received a call from her, a few days after I broke up. I shouted and cursed at her, right to her freaking ears. She didn't disturb me, ever since. It's been eight months now.
Today, in my history of life, she, the most biatch in the biatches-ville, texted me. She's mad. She said, "I reminded you, many times, to not disturb M***n's life. What do you want now? Why do you still don't understand? Blah, blah, blah..".
Suddenly, my whole body's shaking with anger. Sympathetic nervous system, I guessed? I replied, I said, "I didn't do it, and I got boyfriend". Haha, since when I owned bf laaa? "Because of your stupid man, I am afraid and paranoid of falling in love again!", I monologued.
Then she called me, I picked up, and talked, shouted, cursed, and I hang up. I felt awesome. And confident of how I'm doing now. Anyhow, I wonder, if I am not the one who texting him, then it must be other girl then? I felt sorry for biatch. But, who cares anyway. I am glad that I broke up with him.

Sigh, how can I even fall in love with him? He's not even my type. Yes, he's tall, but, he's not mentally-tough. He's mentally weak and slow. That's the exactly point, why I broke up with him. He can't even protect me. He let me being cursed by his bitch, and let me cry so hard. I am so disappointed. Gaahh, how come there's no Malay guy who had all the Korean heroes' personality? Being protective, macho-macho man, loving his girl till the end, full with care and all? It looks like, I'm going to become an anak dara tua lah horh in future?

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  1. i'm that guy but i just dont want youu.hha.stab the bitch in the face and get on with it.hha


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