Sunday, June 26, 2011

I don't know why.

Again, this is just my heart do the talk.

Okay, you see, my elder sister is a 'hot-stuff'. She's a beauty, and kind, and blah, and blah. She did look like one of the character in Grey's Anatomy gal, that Latina gal. I can't remember what her name was. So, many guys wanted to be with her. But unfortunately, she had a 2-years-old relationship with her boyfie, which is a future lawyer. And, here's the story. There was a guy, religious guy, imam at a Masjid at Kepong, mengaji instructor, and ustaz at a Sekolah Agama. He knew that my sister had a bf, but he believed in jodoh. (Well, who doesn't? Pfft.) He said to my sis, "I'll wait for you, no matter what it takes". He already met my parents. My dad likes him. But, I seriously, irritated and annoyed with his words to my sister. Like, "Aku akan menunggumu sehingga ke akhir hayat ku" (?) Oh, come on already! I DON'T BELIEVE GUYS ANYMORE. Those are all sweet-sweet talk one leh.

Oh, dear, help me overcome this feelings. People, as in, my sister and those guys who're involved, and my friends, will hate me, for behaving like this. I am afraid, if I end-up will reject my own jodoh.


  1. so, ur father choose the ustaz instead of that lawyer?'s kind of funny you know...for that ustaz la..dah tau org tu dah ada someone else, still nak try...for me, it's kind of desperate...Maybe he thinks his way is much more better coz he met ur parents..but for me la, it's kind of pathetic!
    When time comes, u will meet ur jodoh and i believe that ur jodoh will be someone u like..ala, mcm dlm movie pun...mula2 tak suka, tp last fall in love jugak...:)
    Ask ur sis bf masuk meminang...then, the ustaz can't do anything...

  2. hmph. i guessed so. i mean, which father don't want an imam muda as a menantu, right? yeah, to me, that ustaz is damn desperate. as in, he took the chance to know and get "cop"-ed by my dad. harhar. whatever lah hoh.
    haha. yah, konon2 bawak buku byk2, then terlanggar and bammm, fall in love. *YAWN* hahaha.
    anw, thanks for reading, though. never knew you literally follow my blog :DD


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