Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I didn't appreciate this holiday.

Last few days, I chat with one of my senior.

He: You study tak during this holiday?
Me: Er, no. Should I?
He: Yes, you should. Or else, you'll regret.
Me: Hmph, sounds scary.

Above is just some part of our conversation. I got task to do, which is, do a short notes or a simple notes of the title given by the class representative. The titles are all from the first year's topic. Yes, the topics from the first semester will be brought forward until the end of my second year. Hahh! You can imagine how many lectures should we cover, in future.
So, in order to success in future, we must study by now. But, I am not studying at all. I'm just doing the short notes. While other friends struggling to make use of their holiday wisely. I mean, they organized their holiday. This month, they'll do this. That month, they'll do that. Sigh. I don't know how to study at house. I mean, there's TV, Internet and siblings and sleep. And of course, I'm broke now. If I wasn't broke, I'll jalan-jalan a lot. Still, not studying. Duh?

But, I baked now! (HAHAHAHAH!) Excited! I never knew I got talent in baking. It's actually started when my little sister asked me to bake a chocolate cake. She even searched the recipe for me. I don't know why, she demands me to bake the cake, instead of my mom. (I took that as a God's instruction for me to involve the kitchen thang, it's time.hahaXD)
After that, I made red velvet cake. Although it's not as velvety as it supposed to be in the picture, but it tastes so awesome, I would say :) So far, I just bake two cakes. Next plan will be Strawberry Banana Muffin. I'm still going to bake a STRAWBERRY banana muffin, even after I watched this video. Thanks to my senior (mentioned above) for sharing the video with me. Harhar -.-"

Don't you think I looked so freaking modest in this picture? (ignore the background)

Tadaa! This is my red velvet cake. I know, I know, it's tore at the center, but do you see the cheese cream frosting is overflowing? Haha!

PS: I still annoyed with people who's in a relationship. I'm annoyed, not jealousy.

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  1. nani!!!!bukan ko sorg la xstudy...akpon x weyhhhh...rsaw2-.-'


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