Friday, June 10, 2011

Confession of a person who ate a lot of kerepek.

Person who ate a lot of kerepek is a person who is kuat merepek. (*it rhymes)

Confession #1
I want to marry a young Singaporean Chinese Muslim or simply Malay, dental officer.
Why Singaporean?
Just because, and besides the fact that my dad wanted to do the majlis in Singapore. If we'll be doing it in Johore, no one will come. Don't care if the future husband is Kedah-ian, which is faraway. (I guessed?)
Why dental officer?
Because, he will understand my future job.

Confession #2
I can't speak English. I looked like a loser if I'm talking English. I became all trembling, wobbling, stuttering and warblers-ing. Despite the fact that my vocabulary is fucking lame, now that I just realize that I can't speak English. Pfft, how unlucky I am?
You see, writing and speaking isn't the same.

Confession #3
If I can turn back time, I want to force my dad, to put, or registering, me into one of the primary or secondary school in Singapore. Or, Johore's international school.
So that, by now, I can speak English so freaking fluent and good. I was so good that, I can represent my school in English debating competition and won first place and won the best debater. (Good debater, my ass!)

PS: You can't never imagine how miserable my life is, because I can't speak English fluently. It's frustrating :(

Confession #4
I wish for a porcelain-like skin. I tried many products. Harhar, thanks to Shahrul (1-3 years older than me), my face turned into now. Back to eight years ago, he used to tease me about something, and I got really mad, and I, uh, sort of, insult him, by saying that he got loads of pimples. Now, hell yeah, I believed in karma.

Minah Kerepek,


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oi minah kerepek, I love your kerepek moments :))

  2. ANONNNN: thank's sooo merepek kerepek.i feel like i wanna eat a lot a lot of kerepek,kerepek,kerepekXP


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