Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trip to Kelantan.

Its my first time going to Kelantan. Well. Its a great trip anyway. Majorly its because of the Intervarsity Sports Games. Sadness and happiness gained while I'm in the trip. So, my comment about Kelantan, firstly, I thought we'll be on highway like for hours. Instead, we're on jalan kampung all the way. Zig zag here and there, sharp selekoh here and there. My head's super duper dizzy and thank God I don't even feel like vomit at all.

Then, in Kelantan, all the papan tanda of the shop, got jawi writing. They jawi-ing all the name of the shop. Even if the shop name was in English. For example, Streamyx, Proffesional Power Tools, Happy, Champion Acsesssories, Primary Assembly Church and many more maybe? Try to write all these names in Jawi. You'll find it quite hilarious.

After that, I saw paddy field on our way back. A lot of them! I've never seen one in my entire life. Of course, I was super duper jakun in the bus. I wanted to take pictures of it, but I was in the bus, raining, and my camera won't be able to capture the paddy field beautifully and sharp. Sigh.

Lastly, we went to the shops there. To buy some souvenirs. They said tudung in Kelantan were very nice, variety and cheap. Then, I bought two. I thought the price that I paid was cheap already. But my friend told me, I can get more cheaper if I can kecek kelate. Way more cheaper. They said sometimes the seller cheated the price tag. Well, I don't know about that. But if they really did it, its really over.

I heard all the foods in Kelantan were sweet. It'll taste horrible and bizarre. And thank god, all the food that I ate, none of them taste sweet. Except for the kuih muih.

When the last day we're in Kelantan, its like raining all the way. Then, I saw flood. Not very severe and dangerous. But its still flood everywhere. It covered the tyre of the car, the floor of the houses, the floor of the post office, the parit  and longkang of course.

Now, lets talk about the sports. As I told you, I participated in futsal. Well, UiTM sent two female futsal team. Our team got the fourth place. The other team got third place and they got bronze medal. So, the sad part was, I was reserved. I know I was sucks. My coach knew it too. Then, there's one match my coach ask me to play. So, I played. I was in the court, they were shouting and tell me what to do, then I followed. Well, what do you expect when a sucker in the court playing in a match and people were hoping she'll score a goal? I was damn panicked and sucks. Then my coach shouted something that let me down. He straight away substitute me with other striker. Piff. I hate futsal since then.
*Dear coach, if you read this, I wanted to say that I don't want to play futsal again. You'll hate me because I was, am and will sucks like forever.

I was crying, not particularly because he let me down, its because I remembered my test results was very bad. I was thinking that, I'm sucks in studies and sports. Then it made me cry, cry and cry. Thanks to Abu for calming me down :) I'm a lot more better after crying.
So, the happy part was, at the end of the event, there were tarik tali event happening. There're for female and male. Guess what?? I took part in it. Just for fun. Its my first time anyway. So, UiTM won. Gold medal. For the female team. Haha. The only gold for UiTM.

Intervarsity Sports Games in USM, Kubang Kerian

Taking picture with the medal and UiTM flag.

UiTM squad.

Tarik tali gang.

Dinner on the night of the event.

My futsal team.

This is what I like about tarik tali. Everyone's supporting you non-stop!

Gold medal, baybehh!

Bite the medal:)

Male futsal team got third place.

Two tudung that I'd bought.



  1. Oit, next time i STILL WANT YOU to play but not as striker, u will be hell of a defensive player cuz yr agile and u talk a lot in court (which is good)

    I know u play futsal with your friends. the thing is when u play with yr friends YOU'RE GOOD but with opponent (other people yg u xkenal) yr different. (Nervousness and such, I know its my fault not to give both team lots of friendly and foreplay[lulz] before the tournament).

    So if I hurt your feelings (direct or indirectly with my loud yelling and lazzery mouth) i'm sorry. plus I gotta strong feeling I might not be the coach for next year cuz I tend to fail A LOT [haha]

    As for im the substitute thingie don't worry I've been in your shoes i know how does it felt (UiTM Sabah won bronze for Karisma in 2008 and 2006 and I didnt do a thing) and i never felt shiti-er but u know..it got me thinking that i need improvement, life is about improvement and lots of other values young lady, and if you quit now u wont be anyone.

    Nonetheless a player either he/she runs in the field or warm the bench, that person is still a part of the team.

    So cheer up, the the team still need you.


  2. your coach sucks.

  3. seriously, my coach read this. histeria..! argh!

  4. babe chills.it's not the end of the world.
    (ur team n u r ur coach) did good..biasela tu jerit jerit,menang tak menang..it's all part of it..nvr give up..there still a long way ahead of you. :D


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