Tuesday, November 9, 2010


JPA banked in liao!! So, I got money and I'm sort of rich now. My friend bought DSLR camera, new handphone, watch, new spectacle, shoes. But, I don't even have the desire to spend the money. Dammit finals are coming dude. My mind are focusing to study now. Too many to read. And too bad that I hate reading, so its hard to me :( Many task and work to do lately. And thanks to Deepavali holiday, I managed to settled those works. Alhamdulillah.

So today story, I put my bag at the locker located outside of the lab. Then, I went to lunch, when I want to pay the food that I'm going to buy, then I found my money are gone. Only RM50 in my purse. Thank god I didn't put many in it. But still, RM50 I can use it for 3-5 days what. Piff.

Recently, in class, we had to do tooth carving. We used wax to carve incisor (front), premolar and molar (back of the teeth) of the teeth. Its like art. We have to carve it very detail, complete with the ridge and the groove. So, sounds difficult right. It was. But, I really enjoyed doing it. Its interesting. I prefer carving the whole day than listening to the lectures.

From a block of wax turning into a tooth.
I got a friend who loves guitar a lot. He'll perform at Bukit Jalil this coming 25th November. I want to come but I don't have friends to go with. If someone free n that particular day, please inform me.

Shit! I got to go.
Chiaw Ngiaw.

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