Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi, Peeps :)

Hello, everyone. I'm back while I was away for almost a week. As you know, I was having my first examination for degree level. What can I say? Its freaking damn hard. Even the geniuses in my class said it was difficult. What about me, then? I've done last minutes preparation, sleeping and blah. So, I might just patiently wait for the results and accept it calmly. Sigh.

Obstacles Before and During Examination

1. The most typical problem that every student will faced. Inability in concentrating while revising/studying.
2. My wisdom tooth is erupting, which causes the gum swells. Big one. Its very pain. Pain enough to make me cry. And its very distracting when I'm having the Multiple Choices Question (MCQ) for Oral Biology subject.
3. The questions are difficult! There's this essay paper, it got two sections. Section A and B. Section A is the long essay. Given two questions and have to choose one. Which cost 100 marks for each question. Section B is the short essay. Given four questions and answer it all. This one is 50 marks for each question. What the fish? How to answer? The unexpected questions are out. And I don't know what to throw up in the paper. I don't know what to write. In my answer sheet, I used only half of the page with large handwriting for 50 marks question.
4. OSPE paper. Its the examination for practical. Its weird for the first timer like me. The exam were held in a lab. Its divided into 15 separated sections. In every section got 1 question. Only three minutes are provided for each question. To me, it was tense. Because, if the question are difficult, you got no time to think efficiently.

Okay, enough for now. I just got back from KL this 3.00 am in the morning. I'll story to you my post-examination 'celebration'. I want to sleep now.

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