Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back, peeps!

Okay, firstly, I can't believe that I got nothing in my May posts, and only owned four posts in April. Guessed I'm really busy preparing for this final eh? So, I've doned with my finals. How about you?
I'm bored and didn't know what to do at this kind of time, which I usually stayed up and studying.

Anyway, i'm facebook-ing while i'm typing, and there's something really annoys me a lot, either uni's wireless line are slow or facebook are fucking slow. Pfft.

Damn, it's been so long I didn't write anything, and now I'm blanked. Hey, do you realize, nowadays weather are so hot? I'm all sweaty now, in the middle of a night, with  high speed of the fan, with my new haircut (medium length with bangs), and suddenly I got runny nose, can you imagine how sticky and uncomfortable am I? I cannot sleep, and annoyed.

What Did I Do For Celebrating the Finish-ness Of Exams?

Firstly, I went for a haircut. And, it ended up to be super ugly and it's suffocating. It's a medium length, I cannot tie it up, and also, sangat merimaskan. The barber was Malay. You see, I used to cut my hair at a Chinese salon. Because to me, Chinese are more good at 'styling' and cutting hair. But, this time I've decided to have a haircut at a Malay salon, with a reason: I want to have a cover or barrier that can cover the aurat of mine. Then, I said to that kakak, I want to cut my fringe a little bit shorter. Well, she did cut, but very in a cincai way. I was so shocked. She just took a bunch of my hair, then cut it short without thinking. Thinking as in, she's not, ummm, how to say ah? Gaaah, the conclusion is, that kakak is not professional. I wasted my money for a stupid haircut. See, I am not satisfy with it. Pfft.

Secondly, I am spending time with the one who misses me, who wants to spend a lot of time together with me, who wants to make a little 'unforgettable' moments with me, blah. So, my last exam paper was on Friday. At that particular Friday night, me, Teena, Anis Najihah, Amirul, Puteri and Bella watch a movie. Hindustani one, that's for sure! Haha. We watched, Mujse Dosti Karoge and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Teena and Amirul cried a lot. Especially Teena. Aww.
On Saturday, me, Teena and Anis went to Mid Valley. It was Anis's first time went to Mid Valley. So, she was so excited, because she said, there are many kind of food that she likes. We went there not for shopping. We went there for eating and also, watching a movie: Thor 3D.
On Sunday, which is today, me went out with my brother. Hello, it's not biological brother, he's my social-network-al brother. We did common things, like, walking and watching movie: Waters For Elephant.

What Did We Eat?

Subway, 6 inch parmesan oregano, chicken teriyaki. For lunch.

Also, our lunch are associated with takoyaki. Mine was unagi.

Auntie Anne's, caramel almond for supper.
Anis Sup Utara, Bubur Daging, or some say, Nasi Air.

DC, Uitm, ais kacang, as a desert for Sunday's lunch.

And, I ate instant noodle for tonight's dinner.

What I Wore? *imagine I am a fashion blogger*
Haha. This is funneh. Anyway, on Saturday was my first attempt wearing a skirt, a grey maxi skirt. It's comfortable, but I felt funny. It's very so flowy. I felt like, "Today was a fairytale, I wore a skirt, and it felt so funny, you told me I was okay, but I looked like a mess, today was a fairytale". Besides, it also felt scary, especially everytime when you're about to hop on to the escalator.

Okay, enough with the blabbering and chattering. Here's pictures with blah intention.


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