Monday, May 16, 2011

Story of viva and home.

In my previous post, I told you that I got selected and invited into viva voce right? So, here it goes. I didn't get distinction. I didn't get an A*. Er, you know what? I just get to know that in order to get dean's list in dentistry, you have to pass viva. If you succeed, and got distinction, then you achieved dean's list. See, it's not easy. I got invited to viva, kira ok aper.
My lecturer told us (during waiting for our turn) that, this viva was just for fun. Because, it won't affect our marks. Because, us are viva for distinction. The marks will only be affected if we were categorized in viva borderline. Thus, I thanked God. But, of course we want to do our best and try our luck to achieve a distinction. It's so normal for a human to test our own abilities, to test how far we can go.
And there, in the room, I don't know, i'm being all nervous, they asked questions, and I said, "Er, uh, um, em, I forgot, I don't know", and give 'em a slutty-smile. Like what? I felt like a loser. I just lost my confidence. Oh, wait! Do I even have confidence? Damn, man. I felt like I don't even deserved an A. It's just pissed me off.
They asked questions, and I have to explain to them back. I can't do it. First, I lacked of confidence. Second, I only know things, I don't know everything. Third, i'm nervous, and my mind was just stop functioning well.
Oh, well. I got the experience. I hope i'll get invited again, and I will be prepared.
And, at the same day, in the evening, me, Huda XD, Nikki and Adam spent time together. Guess where? At KL Sentral. Sounds weird eh? Haha. It was a very spontaneous plan and it's fun, anyway. Aww, too bad, no picture (prove) to show you.

I reached home at 2 o'clock in the morning on 12th May. Listen this, I can't stop eating. There you go. I eat everything I can. I don't know, I got a very big appetite. Say what, everyday day, I ate like 8 meals, not including snacks.
Oh, I planned to work. But, I ended up stay home. You know why? First, my so-called short semester will be on second week of July. So, I only have one month to work, which is, which employer wants a worker who only work for them for only one month, right? Second, my Basic Medical Science results haven't announce yet. They said, it'll be announced on the early of June. Like I told you, IF we failed this subject, we'll be sitting for supplementary exam, which will be held on the middle of June. So, LET'S SAY I worked at the first place, and I  failed BMS. I only work for days, and I quit. They (the employer) will curse and throw tantrums on me, layer by layer. And third, my mom asked or forced me to learn how to cook. Pfft, it's not my thing. I don't like, but you know, they'll say about your mak mentua and bakal suami and suchs.

PS: Happy Teacher's Day! :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. omg. I thought viva was a carrr! LOL. ok ok. ni bende baru.. -_____-

  2. huedaaaa,where's anon?i misss anon.haha.em,oh,this is way different kind of viva eh,maaam.hehe.and i sucks!


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