Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Danggg it.

Today, I'm in my second week in my study week. On the first week, I spent the whole week with my study groupmate. We started at early in the morning and finished it at midnight. And it occured for the one whole week. Yes, you can imagine how frequently we met. So, after we decided to have our own time of studying, me having a shock. What shock? Bed shock, sleep shock, online shock, never-stay-up shock. Yes, that's the one. It's like, "Damn it", right? I supposed to study and yet, I am doing waste-time-thing, including now. Oh, no! :O And guess what? In the middle of the study week, I have Ethnic Relation final exam. I have to study, what does it call, HISTORY, which is, not my thing. But, I'm 'sure', E.R is super interesting, wasn't it, peeps?

So, whatever it is, I'm going to handle that, don't worry peeps. You just have to pray for me, so that I WON'T fail and thus WON'T repeat the exams. Amin :) There, I felt better. Har! Har! Thank you :)

PS: I'll go bob once again. Sorry, hair.

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