Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear future husband.

Basically, today post's about my future husband criteria.

I hope you're Chinese, or Chinese look-alike (mixed chinese bloood). With those sepet eyes and Chinese (chingchongchingchong) accent. Or, Hindustani or Arabian look-alike? Ooh, sharped nose! :D Take note, Hindustani, not Tamil. They're different, okay.

Muslim, that's for sure. You must be capable in becoming an Imam. So that, you and me can always solat berjemaah together. Besides, you must also have the guts to lead the solat (if the azan has reverb) whenever you visited my family. Always, ALWAYS, can lead me to rightousness.

I hope you're taller than me. If possible, I want my head is the same length as your shoulder. I don't mind if you're black or white, really. I hope you're tough, with muscle. It shows that you're worked-out (with nice abs, please?). To me, it shows your macho-ness. Oh, I also hope that you're not the kind who owns the hypertrophy kind of muscle. I don't like body-builder looks. Oooh, scareeyh! I hope you're not fat.

Cook and bake XP. Patience and know how to become a responsible husband. Other than that, I hope you understand, that i'm super slow in almost everything, I like being free. Easy to say, you can understands me VERY well.

Smart. Bukan typical Melayu. Pfft. Funny! Oh, sometimes, I hope you're a chef! :D

Where are you from?
Not Kelantan and Terengganu, please? Because my dad won't approve you. I don't know why. Go ask him. I believed he had his own reasonable reasons.

Bad sides
I don't mind if you're smoker. Because my dad is a heavy smoker, thus I used to inhale the exhale-tobacco. But, bear in mind, love, that smoking can cause MANY disease. You can never imagine how MANY the diseases are.

Family history
I hope you're parents are great as mine. I hope you don't have mutation in genetic. There's no chronic disease that you can descended from.

No body odour, please. I hope your teeth is beautiful. You did take care of your oral hygiene :)

PS: I know, this guy don't exists. Nobody perfect. But, if you did exists, i'll be the most luckiest girl on Earth :)


  1. Taulah dentist, smpi gigi pun masuk dlm criteria ape citeeeeee? haha

  2. hahahaa.of course!nak cium,rase secure sket.ahahahahhaa.

  3. dude, marry a japanese, then he'll make a robot with all this criteria you want. there you go.

  4. hahahahhaha this is funny! macho ness of course! :)


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