Monday, May 16, 2011

Tutti Fruitti on Teacher's Day.

Today was my first time, having my own cup of Tutti Fruitti's frozen yoghurt. Mine costed RM13.80. For those who never been here, they put the price, based on how much do you take the yoghurt and the sprinkles on top of it. Then, they weigh it. RM5.30/10 gm.
You know, I was broke, at first I decide I want to share with a friend of mine, but after we weighed it, it was less than RM15, so, it was okay-okay lah to buy another cup. For mine, I mixed vanilla and tutti fruitti (mixed berry, I guessed?) flavour together. My sprinkles were raisins, marshmallows and kiwi fruit bits.


It's very delicious and healthy. Well, yoghurt is good for your digestion :) Oh, I went there with Anis, Adam and Atiqa.


Before we went to Tutti Fruitti, we went to our school, Technical School of Johore Bahru. We met our teachers. Haa, they recognized my face but didn't remember my name. Except for my Additional Mathematics teacher, Puan Hajah Fatimah Hasyim, and my English teacher, Miss Deana. They're so cute. During teacher's day, they (the students) prepared games for the teachers. Some of them were, congkak, ceper, badminton, futsal, and many more.
It's been so long I didn't call my educator, 'Cikgu' and 'Teacher'. Just now, I almost blurted out, 'Puan' and 'Doctor' to call them. Pfft. Anyway, I didn't capture some pictures with them. Aww, too bad.


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