Monday, May 9, 2011

I told you, I'll prove to you!

Hello, hello. Previous post (which was a few hours ago) was depression-in-state-mode post. And now, muahaha, a happy post. I am invited for...wait for voce for distinction! Wheew. Anyway, what is viva voce? Sounds like super awesome or something eh? It's like, an interview for the selected students. Students who are either in borderline-pass-or-fail or in A-star=distinction. Andd, I am categorised in A-star=distinction selected student! Alhamdulillah!! The exam, will be like an interview. The external examiner will ask you questions, and you answer it, you explain to them what did you understand. Sounds easy? Well, pray for me. Say this, "Siti Amanani will do very well in her viva voce session tomorrow. Ameen!". Haha, thank you, sayangs.

So, what it's relation to the title? I told you before, there's a friend of mine who insulted me by telling my other friend that I am stupid, because of my bad-result-in-the-history-ever. And, I told myself, that I want to prove to him and also to myself, that I AM NOT AS STUPID AS HE THINK I WAS. Haha, did you know, being insulted as a stupid person are very fricking hurt and painful? No, you don't right? Because, all of you are clever and amazing people. Well, thanks to God, friends.

Peeps, listen to this, I really don't mind if I don't score this one, because I heard that viva voce for dictinction is wayy more difficult compared to viva voce for borderline. Well, lets say if I cannot make it, don't get angry or insult me, at least I'll try my best. And besides, I also, at least have those experience that only some people can experience it, right? Now, let just  pray that I can do it, I won't be nervous, I won't be as mengarut as I am normally, I hope I can handle it professionally. Ameen, ameen ya rabbal'alamin.



  1. i'll be cheering u on,,sumpah bangga ngn kau.see how far u've come!!-adam-

  2. wish you only the best babe :)


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