Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm grateful.

I'm grateful that I'm still single. Because just now I saw a friend talking to the phone for like, 1 hour? I don't know, I don't care. To me, it's a waste  of time. You can do something else which are more important than talking to the phone for hours. And, I'm also grateful that I'm single! Haha, I am repeating it, wasn't I? Seriously, I don't want to have anybody in my personal life now.
I'm sorry, lately I spend most of my time doing group discussion. Which I like the most. My time isn't wasting just like that. So, I was quite away from polishing my writing skills, by updating my darn blog. I'm grateful to have them in my life, so far as I can see, they ALWAYS enlightened up my days as a dental student.
Last Saturday, I went to a preloved sale at Old Blossom Box. I saw four fashion bloggers there: Jezmine Zaidan, Ami Schaheera, Yanny and Sue Anna Joe (a photographer). My purpose was actually to see the environment in that sale. And, I saw so many fashionable hijabers, including me! Haha. Well, I'm not that fashionable. I'm just common :) Next, I went to iamjetfuelshop by Yuna at Subang Jaya. The outfit there were cool and out-of-my-budget. I bought a shawl costs rm39.90 there. To me, it's expensive and the design are awesome. Oh, it's the most expensive shawl in my closet! Usually, I bought only at rm5-rm15. But, oh well.
On that particular day, it's my first time eat macarons. Macarons by Aishah Nordin. Do you know what is macarons? It's like kuih to me. Haha. It was 4 for rm10. Again, expensive kan? I bought rm20. Well, I never bought macarons before, so I don't know what are the supposedly price for macarons. So, macarons that I ate got flavourings: salted caramel, mocha and apricot. It was super delicious and sweet! I like 'em, but if it's cheaper, I'll like it more. Next time, I'll buy for my family. *Random thoughts*

My hatred towards a friend of mine, grows wildly. I didn't do anything shitty to her and suddenly she's avoiding talking to me and making eye contact with me. I was like, 'What the fuck is going on here?', 'What the fuck did I do wrong', 'What the fuck is wrong with you behaving like this?' and the problem is, she only treated ME that way, which made me more confusing and annoyed!
"Dear maam, I know you will read this, please can we have a slow-talk, face-to-face or heart-to-heart session together? Because we will be in the same class for the next four years. So, I don't want to experience this junkie-fatty-fucking-shit anymore. Frankly to say, I don't like this avoidance feelings, because if you don't like my weirdow attitude, you can tell me through SMS, inbox me in Facebook or you can even send me letter, because our other friends don't have any difficulty getting along with me. So, you don't have to keep it to yourself, maam. It'll hurt you, and it'll hurt me the most. So, I really hope you'll do something. And i'll be waiting for your response. Thank you. PS: I'm sorry I don't have the gut to talk to you about this thing, you may call me coward, because I am.."

Dear bloggers, you don't know me well, thus don't judge me by reading my blog.

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  1. glad now you're considering a slow talk with her. it's the best way to solve a problem and also the hardest way. when it happens, spill the beans to me!


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