Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She moved on.

* * *

At first, she planned to take her best friends' advice, to avoid Minah (pfft, not her real name, duhh?) or give a fuck and smile. Yes, she chose to avoid Minah instead of give a fuck and smile. To her, it's like rude. So, she didn't realize that she actually avoiding everyone in her life. She being some sort like anti-social and always wanted to be alone. Which made her more suffered. Then, she became depressed and more depressed until it affected people who she loved.
She started to think bad about people. She thought that everyone are avoiding her. She thinks negatively. She doesn't even try to think positively. 
Until, there's one day, someone told her that she should think positive. He also said that she actually starts to change to someone like, 'The-Annoyance-To-All-People', which was so different from the real her. Then she suddenly realize that she shouldn't behave that way, right? She cannot bear the future-fact that people are going to be annoyed by her negative attitude. People here means her families and best friends.
Thus, she decided to change her mentalities, and stop being immature and start to always think positive. Forget the past and always look forward.
A few days later, she starts being happy and forget-the-past attitude. She treats everyone nicely, and don't expect anything nice from them, including Minah. She is trying to ignore what ever behavior that Minah will do later in future. Well, that's more like it :)

* * *

Here, I give you some tips.

Situation: You treat people sincerely from the bottom of your heart. But, people treat you back like poops. You didn't feel like they're appreciating you, at all. You don't even understand why people will do such thing to you, since you treat them nicely.

Question: Did you really treat people sincerely, or you actually treat them nicely and expecting something from them? 

Answer (tips): You just treat people nicely. But, prepare in your head that they'll never reply you as nice as you did to them. Thus, you will not feel as if you're not appreciated by them. You just being neutral. Right? Because your mind has set that they won't treat you nicely. BUT, if their response were opposite than you expected, wouldn't you be gleeful and delighted?


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