Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stop seeking, but be one.

I'm sure you don't have any idea on tonight's title. I had been told by a sister, that the quote (today's post title) is from holy Al-Quran, Surah An-Nisa. She answered my friend's question with this quote. The question was, "Kak, apa tips dapat jodoh?". Why did she asked this kind of question? Because this kakak is a newly-wed.
So, what is this quote actually meant? Ladies out there, I'm sure you want 'the-one' who are nice, religious, kind-hearted, helping each other, responsible and many more. Right? So, she said, to obtain that kind of 'the-one', we ourself have to change and be like one.
Oh my, do you understand? Okay, easier way to explain, if you want him/her to be kind and nice, you must be kind-hearted and nice first, then, if Allah wills it, you'll get one like that. Because, "A good woman will always be with a good man".

Why did I post something like this?
I was thinking, I wasn't a good enough, thus I want a future-husband who can leads me to the truth, to the righteousness. Well, I don't care about your future-husband, but I do care mine. And what did I try to change is, ugh, should I tell you? No, right? It's like super personal. But, I just want to, uh, remind you (especially Muslim girls), keep your sight from seeing something that is not appropriate. In other words, always keeping your gaze down. Save your sweet-eye-candy-ing cute boys for eternity life (akhirat).

P/S: Quit caring about me, or I'll love you.

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