Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am having my take-5!

Hello, bloggers. My blog was abandoned by me for almost 1 week and a half. How am I doing now? Well, I'm fine. I'm doing great. Musculoskeletal module was over, I handled em' good (not so good, I almost gone mad due to the difficult lectures). The tests, I am desperately hope, I won't get fail again.
So, what did I do for celebrating the end of this module? I go shopping! It's been a long time ago, I didn't go shopping. On last weekend, I bought 4 pairs of shoes, a dress and 2 tank tops. Gila! 4 shoes? I am not a shoes-holic, alright. Cotton On got sale, the shoes are freaking cheap. Their espadrilles wedges are sooooo comfortable! Besides shopping, me, Huda Che Senu and Fatin Amirah spent time together by sleeping over at Fatin's house. But, I was so tired back then, thus we didn't spend the night by having the pillow-talk. Sigh, what a waste! We hardly got the time to seriously spend time together. Anyway, we watched Black Swan. Deespite the psycho-ness of Nina, the movie are all about masterbate. Nina always masturbate in this movie. I don't understand. Haha.
On Sunday, me and Huda spend the day at KL. We, with our sneakers and me with backpack, we seems like a couple of travellers who lost in the middle of KL. With the drizzly rain. It feels great.
And now, I am feeling so awesome. Why? I have my own study group!!! I am so happy, less stress, I understand the lectures completely, haa, what else? Complete, maam! I cannot imagine how am I going to live without them. 'Them' refers to Anis Najihah, Razil Tahir and Amirul Adira. Anis, the most 'rajin' girl in the group. Razil, the genius. Amirul, the most funny and always come out with creative analogies. While me? The questionaire girl. Haha. I hope, this group remain like this until we graduate, please? Amin.
Today, SPM results are coming out. Teha (my sister) got her result. She's quite upset with her results. Why? Because, mine was slightly higher than hers. *Evil laughs. Alaa, she did great anyway. She worked her ass off. Well, I just hope she'll choose the right one for her university application soon.


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