Friday, March 23, 2012


Imagine: When you have a friend who had done some slacks...

Straight forward: Is it alright to confront her, got angry and tell her the point where you, or should I say, most of the people, do not prefer?


Silent: Is it appropriate to just sit there and keep your mouth shut, look, observe the slacks that she did? Killing you from the inside by seeing your friend did something wrong?


Badmouth: Is it wrong to talk behind her back a lot? Talk what she should do and what she shouldn't do, behind her back. Talk what she had done and what not.


Slowtalk: Is it cheesy to ask what is she trying to do? Why did she do stuffs like that. How did she even think about that. What does she actually feels.

Please, leave any opinion. I am straight forward kinda person. But, it will hurt the other party. And it made me felt insecure because I am afraid if she goes like, "Oh cmon, you're not that angel as well". And at the same time, I felt satisfaction because I said what I should say. So that the other party will understand what I actually felt about 'the slacks' that she did.

Honey, the truth really hurts but it helped you in anyway. So that you can change. I don't know whether being silent is good or not. Because confronting is something that require a lot of courage. Badmouth, well I think it's bad. Really bad. But it is subconcious action. Like you did it without realizing it. It is hard to control. And I think slow talk is the best way, but it require a lot of time because it is slow. Lol.


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  1. slowtalk. get in her shoes. it's hard but i guess doing the right this is always hard?

  2. if it was me, I'll slowtalk in a straighforward way. like talk to her in a low tone, but sentences that can make her reflect herself.

  3. agree w mana and huda


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