Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Subject #8

You know how some people said, some ladies who're wearing tudung labuh owned a very weird and kinda not-good attitude? Compared to people who're free-hair or those who're wearing shawl or fashionable hijab style? And they said, "Harap pakai tudung labuh tapi perangai macam apa baik tak payah. Orang yang tak pakai tudung perangai lagi bagus yak yak yak...".

They have these appearance, they're really particular with their aurat. Which is good and all ladies should practice this since it's wajib. They are very pious and all. They go to surau and Islamic talks a lot, read Islamic articles a lot, listen to Islamic songs a lot. I reckoned they already knew about the basic of what Allah wants and what Allah doesn't want.

So, I don't wanna agree with the above statement until I have a roomate that is very messy. Even after I gave her a warning letter (I yelled at that letter, and then apologise), she still didn't improve though. I don't understand. Who knows living in a room with a messy roomate can make your life miserable the whole time. Even if your own 'site' is not messy, you're still stress facing your roomate's site. My roomate is wearing tudung labuh though, they should know Allah loves cleanliness. What did she had in mind, really?
I don't know whether you understand or not the point that I am trying to convey here but I can't understand what is she trying to achieve :( It's very sad.

And another thing, I just knew that a friend of mine, who also wearing tudung labuh is a selfish kinda person. And stingy. What is that? Allah is very generous. Being generous is good. Very good. It's one of the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Well, she should know this. And yet?

This thing just increased the percentage of me agreeing with the statement above. I mean, pity the other tudung-labuh-ers out there who didn't have these attitude. These people changed my perception of them bit by bit. 

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