Sunday, March 11, 2012

All in a day.

Heads up: Long post ahead.

On the tenth of March, my faculty held an event called "2nd Dental Symposium". The event where all the final year students get to present their research. It is an annual event. So what is it related to me? Again my friends and I had to do a performance. Last year, I did Zapin. This year, we did Tarian Ngajat. It was a very unique dance. Sarawak tradisional dance. It's new to me, so I wasn't that good. But, ahem, we received a lot of compliments! :D Well, I guessed for dental students to 'divide' time for resting, going to class and practice dancing were a bit amazement to them? I don't know.

So what's my actual point blog about this? Haha. None. Thanks for reading!

Oh wait, now I am free with futsal and dancing, thus I got no other excuse to not study. My dad called yesterday. He asked me to save the scholar money that i'll be received. Because last semester, I used it so blindly with no plans and so happy spending all the money as if my dad is billionaire. And it gives me problem for my next semester. I got no savings, I didn't work, my dad haven't received his salary for that month (idk his boss suddenly gave the salary a bit late last month). So yeah, he's mad. I borrowed my sis's money, Huda's money, I ate bread at night and sometimes for lunch too.

He said this, (translated) "You have to remember that our family isn't like your friends' family. They are all loaded people. Don't follow them to branded stores and branded restaurants. Know our limitations. We're not rich people. I'm not like your friends' father. They worked in the office and received tonnes of money. Those people had their own properties to give to their kids. While me, I have to break my legs to give our family money. I can't walked properly now. So remember okay? You can buy things that you want, eat what you want but just know how to save. Okay, abah sayang Nani" :"| I don't know why am I so careless of thinking about what my dad had to go through. I am so lazy to study, had fun so much, hanging out with friends like there'll be no next time. I am such a bad daughter :(

Anywayyyyyy, my last post was about me going to Kuantan right? So there's a new friend of mine, from other uni said to my friend which studying at the same uni (he's my friend's friend. That's how we got to be friends.) He said that he saw me like a bunch of a typical UITM-ians. Bamm!! A smack on my face! He didn't say 'Hi' to me though. Probably he was shy because i'm with my UITM friends. I really don't know how to respind to this.

For your information, I really hate the typical UITM-ians! The one who have a very shallow minded. And very contained with the Bumiputera status that they had and no effort was put because they will receive any 'hak Bumiputera' in anyway. Which means, idk, maybe they can graduate easily without working so hard or something? Dammit, man. I was so angry back then. Idk how he defines The Typical UITM-ians though. But what I interpreted was like what I had in mind. Pfft, he didn't knew me well anyway.

Huda said I am different when I am with her, when I am with Adam, when I am with JB girlfriends, when I am with UITM friends, when I am with my family. Peeps, I am not faking about okay. I am still me, have the same Nani core, but adapted in a few different situations. I don't want to be awkward all the time. It's tiring.

So, I don't know what to conlude though. People will always judge. They can't run away from judging. First impression isn't always right. But, sometimes it isn't wrong too.

PS: I am a very emo girl. With that, I thank you.


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