Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All in a day #2

Last weekend on the 10th, after symposium has finished me and Huda planned to go to UM. Because got Battle Of The Band there. Yeap, I went there last year for BOTB as well. But this time, there were less friends joining this event. Some are busy and some don't bother to join I guessed? Idk. We met Adam and Faris. The night where we lepak was nice.

So last year they got TILU. And this year they got OAG, huargh!

And the crowd went mad. Suddenly the battle of the band activity changed to a gig. Free gig yay! OAG performed about 5-6 songs if i'm not mistaken, where they actually supposed to perform just 2 songs. But the crowd kept saying, 'WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE'. So yeah.

They were moshing. Like really pushed people like crazy while enjoying the performance. Crowd surfing. I was shocked. Then I asked Huda how come it didn't the same as at Foster The People 'gig'? Why at FTP concert people didn't push about? Then she said, it's Malaysian kinda gig act scene. I was like -.-" really? #noob

At first when I joined the crowd, I was jumping, enjoying like I did at FTP concert. Then suddenly I realized I was at UM. The place where there're lights and people who didn't enjoying the performance were observing, judging. Some even looked at us  And then I stopped. I was worried what would they said. #insecurealert Then I just realized only me and Huda who're hijabers and jumping like the guys in the crowd. Other hijabers were just stand on the chair and stood still.

I thought, "OMG this is not nice. People will saw us and there goes fitnah's. People will judged and talked about us". And I still freaked out about how scary the moshing was. So yeah, I left the crowd and enjoying the music from far.

Then I thought why did I do that at FTP. And Huda said because during that time, all the crowd were like us, jumping and don't care about others, they knew they paid for FTP. Plus, at the hall was totally dark, so how awful you jumped, people won't see it and didn't give a shit about you.

Peeps, call me a nerd but I care about 'idk-what's-the-right-word-for-describing-this'.

So that's that. We took a picture with the vocalist, Radhi. The picture at my Facebook. All in all, the random plan was fun. We overnight at the hostel's Musollah. Walked from 12th to Stesyen Universiti at 8 o'clock in the morning. Nice hangout, Huda. High 5! Cut cost, free gig, overnight what else?

PS: My favourite senior won third place for Oral Presentation for symposium. She's awesome! :DD


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