Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life nowadays.

Remember I said sometimes I love being busy? Well now I am sooo busy. Busy training futsal, busy studying for tests next week, busy with classes and busy with dancing. I thought it's good to be busy. So that I know that my life actually filled with some activities. If i'm not busy, I don't think i'll be studying like how I study now. Now, as in my hectic time table. I also think I might not been happy like I am now. Because when I kinda have a free time, I tend to over think about the very simple thing and lead me to a depressed life. Somehow, yesterday, I have a very, very bad flu. I reckoned it's because of my packed life and lacked of energy. Thus my immune system is quite low now.

And when I lacked of rest, i'll become easily annoyed with annoying people, with being-fecking-persistence-at-the-wrong-time people, with always-think-he/she-so-damn-good people, yeah those kinds. Sometimes, they're untolerably full with annoyance and made me saying things right in their face. PS: I hate Blackberry's camera sound, because it cannot off and be silence.

Being too busy also made me feels like I hope my house is very near to the campus. So that I know, my mom will do my sweaty laundry, or I can just throw my sweaty sports attire to the machine without puttingin some freaking coins (I don't have to bother to collect and keep the coins!), I also know in the kitchen will always have some foods even if it just some cream crackers. Which you know, your mom will buy them once it has finished. But in reality,

1. You just have to collect coins. And carry a bucket full of dirty clothes from level 5 to level 3 to go to the machine.

2. Or else, you have to hand wash all your clothes.

3. If it'll be a bright sunny day, then you're lucky.

4. If it'll rain, then your clothes take forever to dry.

5. You somehow have to hand wash your baju kurungs.

6. And shawls and tudungs.

7. But then you just realize that your detergent has finished!

8. You have to think, when will you buy the detergent? Do you have enough money?

9. Then you have BUY many foods, because you need energy to live. Plus, futsal consumes energy so much.

10. Your legs hurt and you oughta think, how you'll be able to buy the foods?

11. Because you will walk like a snail.

12. And you realize you ave two tests next week. Then you think, will you be able to finished all the 40++ lectures in a few days?

So honey, this weekend, I will just wanna spend my time in the room, resting and studying. You know, I can choose not to join all these sports and dances thang. But, I thought, my life would be like other nerds student who go to class in morning, go back to hostel in the evening, and have some rests, and studying or watching some K-dramas in the night. Go through that cycle EVERYDAY.

InshaAllah I can go through these life. Nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih. If other people can do these, why can't I?


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  1. Your blog is so beautiful, mashallah sis. I can relate to you so well <3 I am your newest follower!



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