Sunday, February 19, 2012

One of the random nights.

Just now, I followed a local female celebrity on Twitter. I saw she kinda replies ALL of her fans good night wishes. And before that, she tweeted something about her very first Chanel, which was during she's sixteen. Crazy, right? I mean, Chanel costs thousands and she got it at sixteen. Usually girls at that age would just buy the pirated version one. But not her. Like, whaaaattha??! I bet her family is super rich. So, here I am, that bitch that knows the beauty of sarcasm and I don't know, too outspoken? I tweeted her back lol. I said, "I was using F.O.S bag when I was sixteen. Oh, wait I was actually using recycled bag :O ". Haha! I bet that would give her a smack on the face. Or she read it and left it like that because she thought it was rude and thus didn't reply? Do you think it's rude? Or she probably didn't notice it, so she didn't reply me. Or she maybe didn't even give a shit about it and thought, "Aww pity her". Hmph -.-"

Wow, very lame post.


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