Sunday, February 12, 2012

Limited Holiday.

My semester break now officially has finished. Our faculty only gave us a week to 'enjoy' before start to struggle to become a dentist soon, inshaAllah. Of course a week wasn't enough. But at least there are days to spend time with family and friend.

My friends are all having their holiday about a month. They are so lucky, but they are not a future dentist. Well I guess, these are the hard times that I should face.

I haven't check out new Johor Premium Outlets. They said it was good. There are a lot of branded stuffs like Coach and Burberry. Besides, I also haven't check out the new Cotton On store at City Square. I also didn't hangout with Adam this holiday. I also didn't bake, like I used to do at previous holidays. Oh yes, I also didn't learn how Photoscape functions. Grr.

But I am now a bit expert in handling cat. Whoop! I know now how can a person talks to a cat like they talked to a baby.

I went a trip to Malacca with girlfriends. It was good. But not as good as I thought it would be. I expected so high I guess? Besides, people ordering while you're driving is kinda spoiling your happy mood eh? As if you never learn any driving rules. -.-"

I made kueh sago! The one with pink colour and served with white shredded coconut. Niceee. But it turned out lembik than it supposed to be.

You know, actually i'm in the bus. I have motion sickness, I hope I won't vomit.

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