Monday, February 6, 2012

Current Addiction.

I signed up Twitter during my study week previously. I influenced by my study group mate actually. She said I can 'update status' as much as I want without people nag of how much I update it. Then, that night as I was browsing through the Market, I saw Twitter apps, then I downloaded it, installed in my phone then now I became addicted. I was so addicted to Twitter until I agreed to Maxis operator to change to postpaid plan. (It's the cheapest anyway)

So this Twitter account supposedly become my so-called private life, where I wanna tweet all my insecure, random, weird, emo and happy thoughts. I wanna follow only celebrities and new friends. Because I found out that I tend to be emotional when I saw some of my friends connected to each other just like that. *snapped fingers* Stupid, I know.

So I need to let this emo feelings out somewhere where they can't read it. But I made a wrong step by following this one guy. Where he tagged one of my friends and there there, kantoi already. But that's okay, they aren't as addicted as I am. They won't get the chance to read my tweets on their timeline, unless they put an effort to stalk me :O



  1. am i that guy?haha.if yess im sorry,u shouldve mentioned it earlier.

  2. How come you can terasa i was talking bout you? anyway, there is nothing to be worried of's just,well,emotion.


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