Friday, September 9, 2011

Greedy wishes.

I wish I can take out my brain and wash it with high concentration of negativethoughtsicide. So that I can think of all freaking positive and good thoughts. None of negative thoughts can even linger and wander inside my sanitized brain. Because once they (negative thoughts) reached/arrived my brain, the chemicals will kill or phagocytes in it's own way to destroy the thoughts.

I wish I can be perfect. But unfortunately, there're none of perfect people in this world. But, imagine if there were people who're literally perfect. I bet, they will be chosen in anything. Without realizing it, we will point to them, since they can do anything, or we, certainly will be jealous of them, because it'll always be them.

It's actually fair, that we, human in the world, are not perfect ourself. I'm grateful to be me. I love being me. But I hate the fact that i'm negative, blur and slow in anything. For those, who literally follows my blog, will realize I like to write about this bored stuff. (oh God, see that? Being negative all of a sudden.) "I have to change" repeating to myself. "I have to stop trying to be other people" moaning over and over again. "I have to stop being jealousy over something that I shouldn't be jealous of" often reminding.

Well darlings, wish all you can. Pray all you can.

I said once, "Life ain't complicated. It's just human who are greedy and stupid". Sometimes I thought the statement can be applied, and sometimes I thought, it just can't. Why? Human aren't greedy. Human wants to try everything, and experienced it all. Can it be categorized as greedy? Well, I heard this many times, "Human can never satisfies in anything they had". I confused, whether human are built to be greedy, or human aren't greedy, but God gave us this kinda 'way' to try anything as long as we are still alive?

There's one time, I wanna go to both (A and B) event held on the same day. I was busy planning and managing my time, arranging, and grouching here and there because I was all puzzled, and lastly I asked Memmo's and H's opinion. Then they both said the same thing, "You have no choice, but have to choose only one". But I wanna go to A, because I wanna meet some of two-years-long-lost friends and I also wanna go to B, because if I didn't go, my Eid this year with family will be less meaningful to me. So, how about this situation? Am I greedy?


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