Saturday, September 3, 2011

Priceless Birthday Present.

These are the most priceless birthday present I had ever received. Oh, it's soo long, you'll be bored reading it. Because it's all about me. If you're in love with me, or you like me, or you wanna stalk me because you think i'm interesting and all, these link, are veery suitable source for you. Two of them knows me well. But Huda XD, she knew me for almost a year, but I appreciate this a lot a lot.

"Thank you, sweetie pies :') "

This one is from my guy BFF; Adam 
This one is from my girl BFF; Huda Che Senu 
This one is from my optimistic girlfriend; Huda XD

 I think there's another girlfriend who wanna do this for me, but she took some time because she up to something more important, which is preparing for her mid-sem examination.

All in all, thank you for those who're reading.


Hey freakos, thanks for stopping by :)