Monday, September 5, 2011

This is just me.

I am so realistic and logical and some say, lurus bendul. Or, my imagination skills are so low, or I can't accept ridiculous stuffs, ugh I don't know, what's the exact word for this?

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Okay, a few days ago, I played 'sep-sep' (those high-10 repeated times) with my lil sister. The song goes like this,

"Malam yang sepi-pi-pi,
Pak Mat jual topi-pi-pi,
Topi yang koyak-yak-yak,
Pak Mat jual tempoyak-yak-yak,
Tempoyak yang basi-si-si,
Pak Mat jual nasi-si-si-si,
Nasi yang enak-nak-nak,
Pak Mat jual anak-nak-nak,
Anak yang hilang-lang-lang,
Pak Mat jual gelang-lang-lang,
Gelang yang patah-tah-tah,
Pak Mat jual getah-tah-tah,
Getah yang putus-tus-tus,
Pak Mat jual tikus-kus-kus,
Tikus yang lari-ri-ri,
Pak Mat jual lori-ri-ri,
Lori yang bla-la-la,
Pak Mat jual bla-la-la
(forgotten...forgotten...and forgotten)"

Last time I played this when I was in primary school I guessed. I realized now, how absurd the song is. I think Pak Mat is soo rich and have so many ideas on what to sell. You know, selling topi, tempoyak, gelang, getah and lori are good. But, selling anak and tikus? What the heck? Is Pak Mat really own a factory who 'produce' child per day? What's inside the factory, then? Tonnes of female and male intercourse-ing? Or, there're only females whom pregnant every year? Or, there're only test tubes? Like you know, how the DNA and lab works together, then BOOM!, a kid is produced. Or, the scientist literally put sugars, spices and everything nice?

Pak Mat is selling tikus. Do you watch Ratatoiulle? How gross a rat can be? Does Pak Mat put each tikus in each cage? Pak Mat really is rich, then. Or, Pak Mat selling dead tikus? Ooh myy, the smells.

* * * * *

"When you talk, does it seems like he's not, even listening to the word you said?
That's okay, babe. Just tell me your problems,
I'll try my best to kiss them all away."
All I Have To Give, by Backstreet Boys

This is soo exaggerating. There are no such things as kiss your problems, then suddenly your problems are all solved. If there are people who're dumb or stupid, this line will gave them fake hopes.

Imagine this, she/he asks someone to kiss his/her problems and hoping the problems will go away. It'll ended up, disappointment all over him/her because the problems aren't going anywhere. Pity them. You know, even dumb people have feelings. 

* * * * *

Random thoughts of mine,

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