Monday, September 19, 2011

Annoying Complaint.

Warning: This is a post about a typical student life who kept complaining about her incomplete and unsatisfied life.

The main factor that induced me to write about this, is because of my new college (hostel). First, the toilets are creepy, which makes me kinda afraid to stay up late. Second, only me and four of my friends are the only dental students in this particular block, so it's quite tedious IF we have a group discussion. Like, we have to 'work hard' and berkorban in order to accomplish those work. *YAWN* Third, the internet in my room is fecking slow! I'm pissed every night. Which, actually good, because I can spend more time studying instead of wandering around for Facebook and Blogger. But, what if I have some project to do? Isn't a-slow-internet put on more stress for me? Forth, this block is supposed to be renovated, and shouldn't be used, until it done. But, due to loads of student need a  place to stay, so they, I don't know, put on a hold (I guessed?) and let the student stay here. The good thing is, the furnitures are all new. It all came with the plastic wrap around them, and we unwrapped the plastic and voila, it's totally ours! But, they (woman from the office) promised us, by last Tuesday, the room will be completed with all the things. And yet, tomorrow is going to be the next Tuesday, and we haven't received the shoe rack and the study table. Like, whaathaa? How am I going to study? How am I going to do my daily-night routine, sitting cross-legged on the chair, colourful notes on their way to be done, soul musics kept hitting my eardrums, a cup of coffee besides my pencil case, the room filled with the aroma of the coffee.......

You don't know, how these things affect my life. I can't study like I used to (for the time being), i'm stressed out by my friends who're fully prepared to listen to next lecture, i'm so jealous and next Monday is my Progress Test and I kept complaining, "When will my study table arrived?". Sounds nothing to you, ey? I don't care, it's me, not you.

Pffft, I actually can make these things work, as in, I actually can study and move on and stop complaining. Instead go to the library, study there, or, just lie down on the room floor and study, or lie on the cozy bed, put the blankets on and make yourself warm, and study, yeah, I 'can' do that. -..-" Everyone can right?
But, due to I am hormonally-unstable and bleeding now (got what I meant, ladies?), so complaining is just the right thing to do now.

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  1. hormonally unstable & bleeding??hmm..u gonna suffered from iron deficiency anemia naniey..haha,sja nk apply what ive learnt:)


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