Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Semester.

For the first week, I think i'm doing great. I'm staying in the new block, as in different room now. It's an old building. To me, it's kinda scary and the toilets are lousy. Well, apparently, I got different roomate. She's quite okay.
Oh, heck yeah, I'M IN YEAR 2! I am so proud of myself. First year thought me a lot, and change me a lot. There're pros and cons though. The obvious cons are, i'm becoming more insecure and less confident. The pros, well, I know how to study using the right way:)
Anyway, I slept the whole one-hour lecture of 'Histology Of Oral Cavity and Stomach'. I was having stomachache, and my new lecture hall is bloody hot and humid. The air-conditioner is working, but I think the last time they serviced 'em was like, 20 years ago? So, at 2-5 pm everyday, we became all lazy, messy and sleepy. Duh, I hardly focus in class during that time. Sucks ey?

Fun fact for 1st week: Me and Ummi, will perform Joget Pahang for Raya celebration in faculty tomorrow! Haha! The worst part is, we're informed by the matron to do a performance, just yesterday. And, we worked our ass off today and InsyaAllah tonight, to make sure our performance would be great and not as lame as some stranger thought it might be. Gaaaaah! Wish me luck:)

PS: I love making myself busy, so that I can ignore the most fucked-up things happened to me.


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