Saturday, September 10, 2011


Throw a fake smile to them, and drove away. Turn on the radio, Moves Like Jagger hit my eardrum. I increased the volume until my ears can't hear the sound of roaring engine whenever I dropped the gear or stepped on the throttle. It felt damn good. When the roads are clear, I'll step on it honey, hell yeah! Speeds until you felt satisfied. Then, hit on the brake the deepest the brake pad can go. Urgent brake, the traffic lights changed from yellow to red. Panicking if the car exceeds the line. Then, continue to roar. Cursed those bastards that blocked my way.



  1. HO YEAHHH!.. *just make sure you dont crash anything* >___<

  2. haha,no i ain't crash anything.i hope the brake wasn't haus.haha.


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