Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random again.

Sorry, peeps. Apparently, this week is a studying and exam-preparation season now. Everybody's Facebook status and blog posts are all about stress-up studying, lazyness strikes and ask for their friends good luck wish. Yeah, me too, busy doing this and that. This and that means, studying and study group. Pffft. Oh, you know what? I restrained myself from online-ing for more than half and hour time per day. I even promised to myself that I cannot update my blog, until the exam had finished. But, look what I am doing now. I'm updating my blog. I don't know, I am tired being so discipline. Haha.

Well, well. I went back home last weekend. It felt great. Although for only 3 days. I watched TV, I ate a lot, a lot. I talked with my siblings and mom. Yes, great. And, the greatest part was, the moment when I saw my parents smiled as I doing something blahh. I felt charmed :)

As I told you, I watched TV at home, right. One of the show that I watched was, "Sembang Bersama Dato' Mashitah", at Astro Oasis. If you didn't know, who is Dato' Mashitah, well, she is, uh, Ustazah. For further information about her, do Google yourself. So, the main topic that they're discussing was, "Change God's Creation". There were many things that they brought up to discuss it together. Such as, hair extension, tooth spacing, shaved eyebrow, botox and susuk and many more. What I want to tell you about is, she said, it was claimed for women to shave their eyebrow for the 'tidy/clean-it-up' intention. So, I was confused. After all this while, I thought that whatever thing that changed God's creation, was a sin.  Well, I believed in her, because she's an Ustazah. But, naahh, about this one, I need to survey all the ustazah and ustaz opinion. So, do you have anything to share?

Good Luck, peeps.

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