Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pathetic, wretched and sad.

Life's pathetic when,
you thought you're going to be okay, but instead you're not. Its hard when you're trying your very damn best to entertain yourself with the surroundings but nothing happen.

Life's hurt when,
you're making jokes to your friends and they smirked and thought your jokes are super duper boring and lame. You knew that they're just playing around but you just can't take it because its them and not your besties.

Life's unfair when,
you thought that you're actually got a chemistry with them, you treated them nicely, trying to be a good listener, you gave your opinions when they're telling you about their problems,
and yet they didn't treat you nicely back, sometimes, they're not even trying to be a good listener to you, they ignored you when you're sharing your problems with them.
While you're expecting them to do the same thing that you did to them.

"You treat people nice, they'll treat you nice back"
"You do good deeds to people, they'll do good deeds to you back".
These are bullshits. Not all people are like that.

Life's sad when,
after all this while you thought that you got an originally special place in their heart even if you're seldomly meet them, but instead that special place are gradually replaced by a new person that have exactly same characteristics as you do. Honestly, you'll not felt special anymore. You felt abondoned.

Life's miserable when,
you got new friends which is familiar and interesting for you to get to know them. First impression you thought they're kind, nice, good and pleasant but in reality, after you knew them, they're just typical, annoying, irritating and nauseating.

Life's useless when,
you talked about their favourite shows to them in order to attract their attention, but instead they just don't get it and said, "Hmmph" and "I like it! You watched it too?". Yeah. Thats it. No more further conversation.

Life's worry when,
you knew that one of your bestfriend changed because of their environment and friends.

Life's angry when,
your brain were very slow penetrating the new thing into it. You're slow in picking up something new, when adapting new things. Its frustrating.

Life's getting weird when,
you tried to wear something that one of a kind, you hoped they'll praise you but instead, people thought you're bizarre. Like its a bad thing. You'll feel down and gloomy. There's no more 'tripod' to support you from the back.

Anyhow, you just have to accept the facts and realities. You can't changed things in the past. But you can change the future, you can do it. Just be yourself. Easy.



  1. ak suke gler post ko y nih..sumtin like sajak but actually ko punye luahan hatikan??i too hve question,,why must all of us have the same condition n can't we be altogether again??ak rindu korg!i have some empty space in my life n korg y patut fill in the space..miss u guys!!-umiaina-

  2. haiz. what to do kan? er. yah. luahan hati. kat sini sape jek yg nk dgar luahan hati aku neh.

  3. ak kan ade..haha..ak lg suka tiap hari bukak blog korg bc je ape2 y korg tulis least ak tau ape y tjadi kt korg..

  4. haha.aku mmg jarang ah update.busy dan kdg2 uh,tktaw nk ckp psl pe.aha.

  5. "You treat people nice, they'll treat you nice back"
    "You do good deeds to people, they'll do good deeds to you back".

    *dear nani my dearest friend..this is true...maybe its not visible at that particular moment..but god has a way to repay every good deed that is done by his subjects...maybe now today or tomorrow,but soon someday,u will get the reward that u deserve...never lose hope...


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