Thursday, October 21, 2010


Life are getting busy and busier now. Students are having their study weeks and struggling for their preparation for the examinations. SPM and STPM are also around the corner. *Good luck, Teha!* Every night, they'll spend time in front of the books and start their revision.

While me?

I'm joining the UiTM, Faculty of Dentistry futsal team.

There will be tournament in USM, Kelantan. Its actually for the "Sukan Intervarsiti Pergigian". Its the programme that involved all the dental students in local universities. Futsal, Badminton, Netball, Table Tennis, Squasy and also Tarik Tali. This programme is quite good, to me. Because its typically build the strong bond between you and your seniors and friends. Besides, you can also usually make new friends from other universities. For your information, its an opportunity for me too. Because I haven't been to Kelantan in my entire life. Its lame, I know.
Anyway, yeah, I admitted that I'm bloody sucks in sports. I'm tall and have broad shoulders. But, neither of these characteristics help me to excel in sports.
One of my friends, reacted this way when I told him I participated in futsal, "You??!! Playing futsal?? Damn, sure your team will lose". Okay, this is not a good friend. He just let you down. Whatever you say, jerk! Piff. At least I'll try. And of course I won't be the strikers,or the defenders or even the goal keeper! I'm not that great. Being the reserves are suitable for me. I know I'm not good anyway.
So, me and my team-mates practicing every evening. To build our stamina and learn new skills from the guy seniors. InsyaAllah, we'll try our best to raise the name of our university :)


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