Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yeah. Beautiful date, Sheikh Muzaffar's marriage. But unfortunately, today was the UNLUCKIEST day for the girl that i'm going to tell you about.

Okay. This is a story about a girl with a very kind and great intention of helping people and of course, herself too.

Scene 1:
She got tonnes of assignment to work on. And she need a laptop. Okay, this girl never own a laptop. Luckily, her brother lend his laptop to her. ''For a temporary time'', she guessed. She was very excited to initiate the task given. But unfortunately, when she booted up the laptop, she found that the Microsoft Office 2010 has expired already. She tried to download it from the internet and unfortunately once again, she didn't know how to do it and tried until 5.00 am. Thus, she have to borrow her friend's laptop. Tension. Stress. Depressed.

Scene 2:
Her friend asked her to accompany him to buy a jersey. She pitied him if he's going alone and agreed to go out with him. Its Sunday 11 am. Packed with people. Chaotic-ness in KL. Monorail, bus, LRT were like sardines in a freaking small can. When they arrived at the shop, he just looked, touched the jersey a little bit, and walked to another shop. He did the same thing as well. ''Okay, this is weird'', she thought to herself. Unfortunately, he told her that he was actually surveying only. ''I'm exhausted and he was surveying. Great!'', she monologued. Tired. Sleepy. Frust.

Scene 3:
On her way back to home. They took a bus. Its a long way. She's asleep in the bus. Her neck and back was aching. Unfortunately, she had motion sickness. So, she forced herself to sleep. To avoid from puking in the bus. Nausea. Dizzy. Again, tired for the whole day.

Scene 4:
They arrived at the bus interchange. Where the food stall are also there. She wanted to buy her dinner and she was expecting her friend's turn to accompany her to buy dinner. But unfortunately, he said he's tired and sleepy. Then, she wanted to test him. She said, ''You can go home first if you want to''. And suddenly, ''You really don't mind? I go home first, then. I'm sorry I'm not accompanying you to buy dinner. And thanks for today'', he said with a tired expression. She was left speechless. But however, she think positive and continue to buy her food. Unexpected. Speechless. Starving.

Scene 5:
She hopped on to a bus to go home. She got a seat. The bus was getting fuller and fuller. She put the food on her lap. And suddenly the plastic of yee mee cantonese's gravy rolled out of the plastic and go BHOOSHH all over the floor. Suddenly, all eyes were on her. Her face blushed embarrassed. She went to talk to the driver. And apologise. Thank god the driver was nice. She heard all individuals in the bus were talking about her and the bhoosh thing. She's getting more embarrassed, hungry thinking about what will she eat for dinner and the 'unfortunates' for her whole day. Embarrassed. Hungry. Waste.

The ending, the girl ended up crying out loud. She haven't do her assignment. Which has to submit on 11.10.10. She quite angry that her friend didn't buy the jersey. She's freaking exhausted. She's hungry. And lastly thank to god because give such a bad day today.


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  1. yeah,thank God for that,maybe he's trying to tell you that you have to prioritize.smue bnde ade hikmahnye.


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