Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's my first time.

It's my first time to join an art-music-food-fashion-photography event like, Urbanscapes. Yes, I joined Urbanscapes 2011, 16th May, at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya. There was Junk, KLue, TM, 8TV Quickie etc. Okay, come I tell you about the details.

We paid for RM 25/ticket to enter the event. The actual price is RM 40, but thanks to H.XD for being an awesome TM customer. (TM customer can enjoy the cheaper price) Well, it's actually a wrist-ticket. We have to wear it around the wrist, and show it to the securities and we're on! To me, to enter such event with RM 40, is quite expensive. Because they're just showing their arts and selling cool stuff. It's not that we got some goodie-bags or something. But, the celebrities, the indie bands and the fashion bloggers that makes the tickets so expensive. Well, I'm not blaming them for making the tix expensive, I thought, without them, there'll be no awesome event like Urbanscapes anyway right? So, hurrah for expensive tickets! XD

See my wrist? I'm wearing the wrist-ticket.
See the ring? Small people with her bathing suit, lying on the grass, seriously it felt like a real-dry-grass.

There were booths selling cool stuffs right, such as, accessories made by all hand-folding-cool-origami-hardworking-Chinese, express their creative ideas onto a spool, the paintings, the fabric that they sew into a cute monsters, make awesome colourful badges with great catchphrases and words, creative cross stitches, and so much more.

One of the art-spool. Awesome!

Not-food-nasi-lemak (Noteboook)
Green: So-called banana leaf.
Red: So-called sambal tumis.
Yellow: So-called hard-boiled egg.
White: So-called rice.

Cardbox turn into a lounger. It's soooo comfortable.

HXD liked it soo much, she bought two of 'em. See the satisfaction smile on her face? :)
Indie bands, yes. Not Tomok, not Misha Omar, not Siti Nurhaliza, no not them. It's Liyana Fizi, Tilu, Najwa, Bunkface, Reza Salleh, dan banyak lagi. And there's a group of musician who play those gendang and tamborine, small symbals (I don't know what they're called), they're so great, I saw that they love musics so much, even when they're playing their instrument. They really into the musics.

Okay, no pictures of any indie band, I'm sorry.

Not to mention Lomo. It's everywhere. Oh, there's The Click Shop booth, it's a must-go-check-out for each lomographer. They sell all kinds of lomo camera and its films, accessories and needs.
While DSLR captures everyone's great moments without thinking, "Is there any film left?", you just snap uncountlessly and delete whatever seems yuck.
There's Polaroid Kuala Lumpur booth, they're selling polaroid cameras. You can take a picture using a polaroid camera too, but you've to pay RM15/picture.
Then, there's a booth named, A Million Happy Faces. Whoever visits this booth will get a chance of taking picture by them, and they'll print out and hang it all over their booth. And, we grabbed those chances, and yeah, we're officially one of A Million Happy Faces :D

Million Happy Faces booth.
Spot us! There're three of us :) 

This is how they did it, in order to obtain pictures like their hanging.  They're using wide-lens.
Klickr booth. Lomo pictures.

Polaroid Kuala Lumpur booth.

THERE'S A LOT OF GOOD, NICE, CHEAP, COOL STUFF SOLD THERE, BUT I HAVE NO MONEY!! Haa, how awful's that? Most of the clothes sold were vintage goods. The dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, accessories and bags, ALL. It was all super cute and prettay and cheap! There's one booth, sold custom-made shoes. The designs are super unique, those batik designs on shoes. It was made in Indonesia. The price were, I don't know, quite pricey, but, because of it's a custom-made stuffs, so, to me it's reasonable. Yet, I don't have money. Grr! Naah, too bad. Maybe next time.

Cupcakes, macarons, snacks, popcorn, mini-pies, kebab, drinks. Most of them were expensive.

Despite the bands, there's 8TV crews. I saw Prem and Mike Campton, only. I saw many fashion bloggers. But, only got the chance of taking picture with Sue Anna Joe and Thr5t people.

Sue Anna Joe.
HXD with Ana Abu Samah (Thr5t crew)
Extreme cuteness, right? She's like Velma Scooby Doo. (Thr5t crew also) 

Oh, Huda asked me to take a picture with Mike Campton. Well, obviously she's a huge fan of Mike Campton. I saw him, and did take picture with him. Instead, I recorded a video for her. As in, Mike Campton's special speech for her. I thought of making a surprise for her, but then, she just can guessed it so right. (Farkk you, bitch! LOL)

Okay, enjoy. Oh, I told you that, at the early part of this video, he actually said, "Okay, Huda.....", but I record it a bit late. Well, he said your name, darling! Be proud!

He also said this, "Show her this video first, then show her the picture that you guys took, alright?". So, here's the picture.

Thanks to HXD too, for owning the same name as you do, Huda. Haha.

He is freaking talking to me, Huda! Harhar! Be jealous Aten and Huda :DD

Okay, I bet you just woke up conciously from fainted. Haha!

This is us.

Andd, this is me, first time joined this Urbanscapes. It's fun! :D

Too many awesome pictures, thanks to Adam. 


  1. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH.MY.GOD!wait, let me breath first. OH MY GOD! ok, i still cant breah so i'm gonna type anyway. oh my god nani. you are so cool . mike is freaking awesome and hot. Oh God. Oh God. you just made my whole week! naniiiiiiiiii. you have no idea how hard im typing on my keyboard! i love you i love you. thank you so much! huh, i think i'm gonna faint now!

  2. hahaha... It was fun wasn't it? Loved every blinking moment! :D :D


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