Thursday, July 7, 2011

Humans, oh humans.

I guessed normal people like me, always forgot to be grateful on everything had happened, which a.k.a fate. I honestly just realized that I need to be reminded a lot of times about this thing.

Well, lately, I always thought that I am a loser, because I am somehow thought that I am stucked, or lost in the middle of awesome friends. Especially my both best friends, Adam and Huda Che Senu. Recently, they did some competition on writing their own review about Adele, the famous and amazing English songwriter and singer. They challenged between themselves, and they kept updating me about both progression. I am not annoyed, yet I supported both of them. After I read both of their review, they did so great, I mean, I know Huda's would be great, but never knew Adam can write soooooo great as Huda did as well. No, I am not underestimating you, Adam. I was surprised.

Oh, now I remembered the old, school days, when we received our English exam paper, Adam's score was like 52/60 and mine, like 34/60. And, we both so close, yet our score was wayyy different. Bagaikan langit dan bumi! Then, I became like a crazy bitch, throwing my things everywhere, (but still respect the practical teacher in the class) then I cried hard, as in, I cannot accept the fact that I sucked. Immature behaviour eh?

So, basically, I'm saying that I'm not good in writing and analyzing something literary. But, they (Adam and Huda) can do it just perfect, in my eyes. Well, do you smell the scent of jealousy? Yes, it comes from me. And it made me mad for not trying to learn something literary. (Stupid huh, blaming myself for these kinda thing?) It's not that I don't want, but I don't know how. I'm not creative enough to peel the phrases, one by one, and come out with something wow. Thus, I sighed a lot of times.

But, when I came back to my senses, I forgot to be grateful for other amenities that Allah had gave me. And I also, forgot that every single thing that happened, there's meaning (hikmah) behind it. Maybe I can't peel off Adele's full-literature-lyrics because I am actually Adele's long lost sister? (Haha!)

Oh, darling! I really don't want to stuff my mind for this. But, I just can't help it. It just kept coming and coming and make my life miserable. 

So, lesson to learn;
#1 Do not letting people down, it's very mean.
#2 Do not make other people embarassed.
#3 Always, be grateful for strength that you owned.
#4 Do not sigh. They said, sighing is the same as you deny Allah's predestination.
#5 Appreciate yourself.
#6 They are them, you are you, me is myself. 



  1. while we are busy enchanting our post with bombastic words,u are busy inspiring others to live better,to be grateful,so who win huh?hha

    glad u are beter.ha

  2. thanks to me, eh, this post? muahahaha.

  3. adam: me inspiring people? haha,i'm inspiring people because i don't know how to enchant my post with bombastic words, duh. haha.

    huda: purr-rahh-sunn.haha.

    people, i'm glad i got you.


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