Friday, November 4, 2011

Annual Dinner 2011.

So, this is the event that I told you about. Our batch handled this event. It was held on 21st October. Basically, it was weeks ago. I'm updating the story a wee bit late. We learnt a lot during organising this dinner. We misunderstood. We saw each other's true colours. Bestfriends fought and quarelled. We talked behind each other. We sacrificed studying and precious time. And a lot more.

I'm one of the comittee. The lowest position ever. But, my life was hectic like other higher comittee too. I worked under Performance Comittee. So, we choreographed, we trained, we practiced and they (the juniors) performed. Ooh, the theme was Movie Night. Everyone was wearing movie costumes. Enough said, here's the pictures.

Haha, he's fun. He's my junior.

Picture with juniors.

Me and Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih character.

Gosh, whatthaheck am I doing?

Oh, these two adults are my deputy dean. Gulp.

She's Black Swan. She made her costume herself. Cool, I know!

Ooops, unready.

Errrr, awkkward smile of mine.

Hell yeah, Expeliamoss!

It's Nanny McPhee!

We stayed one night at the hotel. We were checking out.

Hello, hello! I was wearing Joker that night. I don't know it came from which movie. But this costume really attracted my attention. I actually planned to wear Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. But, since I'm wearing hijab, it'll looked a bit weird, because Morticia's trademark was the long, black hair. I won't wear a wig. Period.

Our head of the comittee, Azlan.

Me and Razil. Razil was announcing the winners for the awards that night. While me, I was making a fool outta myself in front of the guests. 
Yeah, both are my lecturers.
My classmates :)

This is my lecturer.

Cleopatra. She's also my roomate, Cha.

Okay, the pictures are a bit unorganised. I am sorry, I was lazy to organise it.
Thank you!

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