Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pen pal.

You see, I have a pen pal. It's kunda new friend. I randomly added her as a friend. I mean, I found her at Zooey Deschanel page. I was commenting at one of her status, then I decided to do random thing, which is add someone as a friend. I chose a girl. Actually, I want to know how Americans' life.

Then one day, she inboxed me, she said, "You added me a while ago, but you didn't even say Hi to me". Yeah, some sort like that. I forgot her exactly words. Then I replied, "Oh, Hi! I found you...yak...yak...yak....Can we, randomly be friends?". Then she said, "Of course! :) I never knew people from your country". Haha, from that moment, we became friends! How cool was that?

Her name is Colleen Rodman. She's 21 years old. She's from California and still studying in Creative Writing. So practically, she'll become an English teacher one day. Duh, her English  was so damn good. I am soo afraid if I might have stupid grammar mistakes in my messages. It would be embarassing.

She called me Siti at first, LOL, but I said, "No, no. Call me Nani". Then she apologised. She's nice.

After all this time, we've been sending messages through Facebook. We talked about how the students in America, was it the same like in movies. We talked about Halloween. We talked about ourselves. But there are still tonnes more I wanna ask her about.

We never chat together. Maybe this is due to different clock here and US.

I didn't reply her message yet, because of busy-ness with futsal and studies. Then, this morning, I decided to online Facebook and reply her message about Thanksgiving Day.

Okay, wait. I have to admit, since I have this new phone, I only online using this. I haven't open my laptop for ages. So, I hardly realize whoever starts to chat with me at Facebook.

Okay, let's proceed. As I am surfing the internet, I want to see my chatlist, I mean I wanna know who was online during that time. Then I saw there's a trying-to-start-a-conversation-chat from her. And it was yesterday's message. And what a coincidence, she was onlining too at that time! Then I replied her chat, then she replied back, and it's repeated. We eventually chatting! Haha. I have to admit, I was nervous back then. Because when we sent messages, I can think of grammars, and words and stuffs like that. But not this time. It was live chat. I online, she online. I can't use 'lah', 'kan', and lots more word that I usually use whenever I texted my friends. I can't mix Malay word like I usually did. So basically, I am nervous. But, guess what? It wasn't that bad after all. I did took some time to think of what the right words and all, but it was okay though. Hehe.

I am so happy. Because this is new to me! :) And oh, we start missing each other. Nice eh? XP I told my siblings about this, and they thought it was great, and they decided to do the same thing too. They liked Zooey Deschanel page in Facebook too, but they didn't have the guts to add random people. LOL.

Okay, great experience. You should try too :)


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  1. Nani!!! It's me!!! I haven't looked at your blog in a long time so I didn't know you wrote this!! Haha I'm glad it's fun to talk to me, I'm so glad we met! And I'm sorry I'm never on the chat at the right time, haha. You're the best!


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