Monday, November 14, 2011

Can I?

Can I, cut off her mouth? So that she will learn how to answer nicely whenever we have questions to ask, or we are forced to ask questions?

Can I take a red-burnt-hot-scalpel and cut her larynx off? So that she will stop yelling at us, if we done some new mistakes?

Can I scoop her eyeballs out? So that she will stop staring and gazing her eyes out at us, like a severe hyperthyroidism patient, whenever she's explaining? Come on, it's annoyingly scary.

Can I cut her arm's skin, take a vacuum cleaner and use it to suck her fats out? So that she got nothing to wobble whenever she's pointing at us when we failed to achieve what exactly that she wants?

Can I do something evil? So that she will stop being mean?


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  1. scaryyyy..but if i can give you an answer about this,i will said,"yes naniey,you may proceed" HAHAHA

  2. haha. mirul! i think you did better today, you're more fluent than you usually does, although we both failed! haha.


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