Thursday, August 6, 2015


Salam after so many months I left here.

Summary of my life: I've failed to complete the freaking clinical requirements and hence i have to extend another semester and inshaallah will be finishing around February and will get posted probably on August.

So currently, I'm having my 2 months plus of semester break. Puasa, raya with family and friends. I can say that this holiday is very destressing, i love it.

But, one thing that i don't like when I'm particularly at home. I solat subuh late. This is not membuka pekung di dada. I want to express and want solutions from readers (if there's any lol) for my problem.

When I'm at home, old habit of lazy to pray and wanting to sleep all day and wake up when the sun already rised up (NOON!) are back. it's annoying. Because when I'm at college, i have schedule. Hence, my life was a bit organized. But when i have no schedule, i slept late, i woke up for subuh late. In fact this morning, i already woke up at 0608, but i decided to woke up at 0630 because iman level is beneath the sea level. But i end up woke up at 0700.

Have you heard of something like you are synonymly been covered with pig's skin when you already conscious for subuh, but you go back to sleep and konon-kononnya to wake up later?

Idk where i heard that, but its so scary. And one more, this one i heard from a lecture. If the same situation happened, but instead of you woke up late for subuh, you woke up the time after subuh and you wanna qada' subuh. And the qada' is not accepted. It'll be accepted when you're totally unconscious the whole subuh.

I hate the fact that i woke up late for subuh. The fact that i took 15 minutes to wake my sisters until they seriously wake up, is more annoying. What happened today is after 6 days of menstruation (read: 6 days of not waking up for subuh). Its okay, i pray that i still have tomorrow for improvement. Ameen.

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