Friday, February 13, 2015


You know its a nightmare when you woke up worried.

So in  that dream, i was about to leave a cafe. Pushing the glass doors out, and there's a guy sitting at the smoking area with a pair of shades on.

Then he stopped me. So i was standing, and he was sitting. His head exactly straight at my waist area.

Then he stares at my thighs, because in that dream i wore skinny jeans with a top that is not long enough to cover my thighs obviously. While he's staring at it, he slightly pulled the side of my jeans and said, "Hmm ketat", with a psyho voice and look.

SCARY WEH! It happened so fast! About three seconds, i would say?  I know its not scary enough to some of you. But in that dream, i was well of course scared and i felt so mad at him, because how dare he touched me! And the ultimate feeling was, i felt insulted, humiliated. I feel so cheap that he can suka-suka touch me like that.

I don't know whether this nightmare has a message or not. Whether it's a way for Allah to convey me a message or its shaitan. But the contents of the dream, it has value. Value that I can appreciate.

I wear regular-tapered-jeans kinda cut (its 1 mm loose from skinny jeans if you guys can't imagine). But I wanna get rid of it because I know it's so tight that it's not good for me. Not good (read as not covering the aurah well).

When I was on the plane to Jogjakarta, I borrow Een's 'Reclaim Your Heart' by Yasmin Mogahed. Then I stumble upon a paragraph (attached it together here). I know its a message Allah sent me through this book. It hits me so bad, that I decided to leave the regular-tapered jeans I was wearing at the hotel we're about to stay. And buy more skirts or pants that are loosely fit.

So why I wrote this? It's because I want to remember this 'nightmare' (right after I woke up from the dream, I reached my phone and engraving it while it still fresh in my mind). And I hope anybody who reads this (is there anybody who still reading blog posts though?) will take this realization and do something with your aurah too.

Verily, Allah really doesn't like His slave to wear something humiliating. Allah Maha Penyayang. Allah knows this humiliation will happen, that's why He asks us to cover our aurah really well.

I repeat, COVER our aurah, not WRAP it.

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