Sunday, September 30, 2012

Social Media

I've been wondering why did I followed too many people on Twitter and Instagram. Not Facebook, of course. Despite the fact that I wanna stalk them, I found out actually I need to see and know what happen to the world outside there. Simply saying that, I can't have what they (people I followed) are having. Like, go on a vacation to the most interesting places on Earth, having fun times friends and family, eat good food which in other word is, eat expensive food, bake and cook their favourite dishes, having endlessly shopping, etc.
Did you realize its all materialistic?

Besides, I love to see how others doing with their lives. Kepoh? Nope, I call this curiousity. They have a rack of books, a bunch of cool activities with friends, see greenery, beautiful places, being fashionable effortlessly. What i'm trying to say is, I wish to have that life. Doing things that they love everyday. Gleefully everyday. Beautiful everyday. Am not saying that I don't like my life. And i'm not blaming dentistry to be so tough and busy and having class at 8-5 every single day. No i'm not blaming em. I hope.
I'm grateful with my life. Probably this is the best for me.

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