Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is insane.

What insane? I'm busy. Even bees aren't as busy as me. As well as my friends. They're busy too. Our batch handle an event. Okay, fullstop. Freaking laazy to describe what kinda event it'll be. You know, my life without an event to handle is busy itself, with the laundry, the 'roomkeeping', the studies, the rests, the sleeps, the read here and that, the revisions, the homesicks and only God knows what else.
So, this October, I would like to present you, 'A Busy Life Of A Girl, Named Naniiii!'. So, imagine this, I don't even have time to lay down and take five, I don't have time to make a cup of coffee, I am away from God (I told you, this is insane!), but I do my daily prayers eh. Oh, Allah, come and gimme hidayahh! I wanttt!
I am so busy, I didn't take  good care of my health. So, basically, I have flu, cough, dizzy and what else, umm, oh slightly feverish. And today, as I busy stuffed some tissue inside my nostrils in order to absorb my mucus, duhh? Then suddenly I saw red absorption on the tissue. And I thought I was too harsh, my nostrils tore apart, yet, the blood came out from the nasal cavity. I don't know the mechanism of how this can happened, but this was my first time to have nose-bleeding. It's ridiculously fun. Instead of transparent fluid that usually come out from my nose, but this time it's blood! WHEEWWPP!
And hey, I just realize that I am a stubborn girl when it comes to clinic, pills, medication, skip class to visit doctor. Hmm, I wasn't stubborn. I just thought those 'procedures' are just too tedious for me. Aboot the medication, I forgot to take 'em :D
Peeps, wish me luck, for handling these thaang.


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  1. Oh, naniiiiiey! Please take care of yourself. It aint cool to lose it. I can go days without sleep or eat and hate myself for it >_____________< But we must take care of ourselves coz no one else can do that for us :) GOOD LUCK on whatever it is you're doing. I know, you're a survivor!


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