Thursday, October 20, 2011

So true!

One of my classmate, posted this, "Kalau kau benci seorang, nanti berganda-ganda yang akan benci kau". I think it's fucking true. I'm experiencing one 'case'.

Z hated many people. Then suddenly, Z actually have tonnes of secret and it was revealed slowly. One by one. Surprises, after surprises. And me, myself almost annoyed with Z, because of Z's attitude. Meaning that, I am now, included in the 'berganda-ganda yang akan benci kau' category. Did you realize, of how 'scary' a statement can be?

So honey, my advice, stop pretending to be someone that you're not. Stop having something that you're not afford to own. Stop being someone else, because I want to know the real you. No matter how awful and horrible you are, just be yourself, and I'll figure a way to accept it. 


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