Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shits and stress.

"Being a slow learner is the most burdened thing for her. Being insulted and hurted once, was enough for her to make a change in her life. Shits after shits, attacked her slowly. She doesn't want be a such troublesome to her love ones. Thus, she shall endure these with a lot of smile and laughs. Also, a lot of sacrifisaction. She has to prepare mentally that among these shits, one may fall into a black hole. And she may cries her heart out and, onlyGodknows, random stuffs she might do in future. Sighs accompanied her recently, almost all the time."

Well, stress are normal right? For students. And Allah, won't give such stress and burden that we can't cope right? There will always hikmah behind these 'awesome'-typpa-stress. Failure, can happen. I mean, you didn't expect you'll succeed in everything you do, right? What are you, God or something? No one's perfect, bear that in mind. Some say, sighing wasn't good. Wonder why? Because it was as if, you didn't or can't accept the qada' and qadar, or easily said, you didn't accept your fate that Allah had chose for you. Which is, not good. Well, I myself, sighed a lot. I mean, I can't help it. It was like, reflex action. I have to change. Oh, honey, I said that a lot, but change is hard.

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  1. but it's gonna be worth it. and you know you can call me whenever restraining to sigh gets unbearable.


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