Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Don't anybody ever play "aku nak kau" shit. Ain't nobody got time for that. I got a hell lot to achieve in my life rather than thinking about that.

I am surprised myself.

After all this while, being at this age, everybody has been talking about relationships this and thats. I, too, participated in this conversation. I mean, who doesn't get excited to know who'll their spouse be?

Until yesterday, a guy came to me and said all these bullshits, like "what will happen if one of our classmates is your future husband?", idk if he's referring to himself or what, but no thank you.

Its the old me (read: the old me whom changed after my last ex-bf which successfully transformed me to a woman who got sick in relationship) again. I thought that woman has long gone, or rather, has long moved on after 5 years. But she definitely still the old-traumatised-woman who didn't look forward into any relationship at all. Rupanya.

Or maybe, I'm changed. Like i am so not looking forward to a relationship 'like this'. 'Like this' means, telling me that he wants me directly to me. Hm so old school, so conventional, so religious, but who cares.

Okay maybe i am overreacting. Maybe the guy was just joking. Which was good, because it actually made me realise that i don't like that. Lol.

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