Thursday, April 11, 2013


"If you like a boy, make sure he sees you as a girl - not one of the guys"

A quote I saw from Instagram. 

Deep. Very deep indeed. 

Well I haven't like any guys. Yet. But I found it comfortable when i'm around my guyfriends and they treat me like one of the guys.

No punching 
or hugging 
or touching.
Still have that sensitivity. But the way we treat each other lah

Not one guy.
Not two guys.
But most of the guys.
Weird, I found.

Certainly not all guys treat women the same like they treat me.
I think, i'm the one who made them treat me this way.
Lol, what did I do?

But everything seems,
Heartless and,
No mushy-mushy feelings involved.

I found it,

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