Saturday, April 6, 2013

I rarely go to bookstores, but when I do, i'll usually go to the english novels section. And a few days back, we went to MPH to kill some time before break fast. Kinda unbelievable, I don't know why, these legs go to the religious section. Lots of interesting books. And one of it was Mustafa Kamal Ataturk's biography and history of how he 'damaged' Islam's history. I thought, 'Hey this'd be interesting to read', because I want to know the details since I knew about him. So I took it and hold it (decided to buy), and continue looking at other books.
Then I saw 'Rahsia-rahsia Besar Di Sebalik Sirah Rasulullah'. I heard a lot of the celebrities who've hijrah to the right path when they read about Rasulullah. I have to admit, there are a lot of thing that I do not know about the Messenger of Allah. Which is not good.
I remembered during the last few usrahs, the naqibah asked us, "What are the Rasulullah's mukjizat?". And the ONLY thing that comes to my head was, "Water coming out from his hands", while there're a lot of other mukijzats. Al-Quran is the biggest mukjizat ever, and it didn't come out from my mind at all. How bad was that? And my other usrah-mates were fighting to answer that question. One after another. I was just, sit there and clueless. FFFFF (*cursing myself)
Then I thought, I never bought any islamic book before, and the first islamic book that i'll buy must have some really big impact to me. Then I decided to buy this one instead of buying 'The Enemy of Islam''s biography and history. LOL, what was I thinking.


  1. Menarik...tak pernah tau pasal buku tu. Will check it out sometime~

    Btw, if you're looking for a light & engaging sirah Rasulullah in english, check out Tariq Ramadan's In The Footsteps of The Prophet. Best!

    Dia nipis and covers a lot of candid moments. Ramadan treats Rasulullah's life with a more feeling pov as opposed to the usual fact-rich, chronological treatises.

    Paling best mungkin sebab buku tu simple utk baca. Beautiful, simple language. Very poignant read. Reading it definitely helps you know more bout our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) thus love him more :)

    1. yeap. the book that i bought tu mcm randomly picked jek. sbb buku psl sirah Rasulullah mcm byk gila. and idk which to choose.

      oh i've gone through the pdf version (tak boleh download T.T) of that book. and yeah lah i like the way the book is written. as in mcm novel sikit. haha. and not too rich-with-facts sgt. or it does rich.... but indirectly? haha.


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