Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Professionalism. Dentistry. Life.

Dentistry taught me to be a professional. Define professional? Well to me, professional where you do things and people look you superiorly, because you are someone. People- patients to be precised, looked you as someone who're serious in his job. Serious in whatever you do. When communicating with lecturers, you oughta be serious. Because dealing with patients ain't something that can be toyed. Indeed, I agree. A lecturer told us once, "Professional attire is monotone." I just got to agree with that as well. Black, brown, grey, white, navy blue. Yeah. I started to collecting it.
My watch- from neon orange strap, turquoise background with cartoon cats on it. Change into a grey steel watch. Very professional.
My shoes- from yellow to pink to green. Well I planned to buy a new pair of shoes which will be black in colour.
My clothes combination- no longer practicing colour-blocking. because it'll looked childish.

Very professional.

What happened to me now?

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  1. Lama dah x stalk blog kau. ahaha. nooooooooooo don't go that direction too much. It might just suck you in like a vacuum cleaner! It'll be cool to have a separate cupboard for your professional attire and another cupboard for your cool coloured stuff :D

    Besides, I'm sure a colourful dentist would attract more kids to come and have check ups. lol

    PS: I'm back to being your anonymous. pfffft :P


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